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If a chemical or industrial product you manufacture or distribute is attacked, a toxic tort lawyer from SANITIZER CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS will offer active legal defense. Many companies rely on attorneys with experience in toxic tort to act as regional and national coordinating committees.  SANITIZER CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS work closely with a national network of tort regulators, including immunologists, and industrial hygienists to provide robust protection save customers from individual and group requirements. Toxic tort cases are complicated by the nature of the case. In the case of toxic tort, the plaintiffs allege that exposure to the toxic substance or pollutant caused adverse health effects. Plaintiffs can be in a class action, known as a class action. In some cases of malicious tort, the defendant or the accused party is also a group of organizations such as the manufacturer or distributor of the substance. In any case of the cause or types of the damage, a malicious this type of case can be suited by a single plaintiff, or multiple plaintiffs against one or more defendants as a whole. When multiple cases are grouped in this way, the claims of all the plaintiffs are adjudicated at the same time.