washing hands

Are You Washing Your Hands Too Much?

Hygiene is one of the necessities of healthy life and a method to prevent several kinds of diseases. We often contract diseases and allergies through our hands. Throughout the day we touch numerous things including dirt, surfaces with germs, and add those up with our food.

Hand hygiene includes several steps including trimmed nails, clean under nails, washing hands, and keeping any wounds covered and antiseptic. While hygiene is important some people also tend to overdo and bring harm. Excessively washing your hands with antibacterial or fragrance soap can cause dryness, itchy skin, kill useful bacteria on the hand, and often leads to repetitive behavior.

If you are a hygiene freak as well how can you protect your hand while keeping them clean?

There are generally two safer ways to keep your hands clean without soap and water which include using wet wipes or using a hand sanitizer.

While using baby wipes for some people are more satisfactory but they can be expensive and are not as durable. On the other hand, hand sanitizers can be a live saver in so many situations. There are several reasons you should buy travel-size hand sanitizers and a few of them are listed below:

Say No To Acne:

Hand gel sanitizers can actually help you prevent breakouts. Oftentimes we encounter skin problems such as allergy or acne on our face due to the continuous exposure of dirty hands on our face. We often don’t realize it but the more you touch your face the more you are likely to break out.

Clean hands can help you dodge one of the reasons for breakouts easily. Carrying a hand sanitizer at several places at home or in your bed will allow you to clean your hand after touching any surface or food.


Hand sanitizers, in the beginning, were majorly used when individuals were on a vacation.

Hand sanitizers are not only meant for when you are going on a vacation but can be very helpful for daily commutes as well. Especially if you encounter a place such as a restaurant, public restroom, or a meeting place with no hygiene products.

While traveling a hand sanitizer excessively eliminates the need to look for a place to clean your hand. Plus hand sanitizer means no more tolerating nasty public restrooms. You can use it to clean all sorts of dirt from your hand.

Another reason that hand sanitizers are better than wet wipes or other types of tissues is that they are durable for months (even after daily consumption) and consume less space plus are easy to find.


Although Covid19 has particularly made carrying sanitizer a global habit, however, it is suggested that you should continue carrying hand sanitizer post Covid19. Hand germs can trigger a lot of stomachs/ digestive diseases including diarrhea and vomiting especially in children who are obsessed with playing outside.

Quick access to hand sanitizer would promote your child to keep the hands clean before consuming food especially outdoors.

No Dryness:

A good quality gel hand sanitizer can solve several problems including hand dryness. Gel sanitizer comes with a moisturizing formula that keeps your skin healthy and moisture even with continuous use. You can use these hand sanitizers several times a day without any inconveniences. Additionally, they have a great smell and texture unlike certain liquid hand sanitizers with sharp chemical scents.

If you are convinced of the benefits then buy bulk travel hand sanitiser gel and place it at several benefits in your house, car, and your commute place. Always keep your hand sanitizer away from direct exposure to sunlight. A simple step of hygiene goes a long way.