Where to Place Hand Sanitiser at a Christmas And New Year Party

2020 has been a chaotic year globally and claimed millions of lives under the shadow of Covid 19. The pandemic after 100 years brought new challenges and regression for the economy and community. However, as the year nears an end, the good scientist of the UK announced that a vaccine to combat Covid19 is prepared and is currently on the human trial basis.

We only need to hold on for a few more months and we can celebrate the end of the pandemic soon with the positive results of the vaccine. While several countries have controlled the virus cases and are at edge developing the vaccine, the World Health Organization has recommended people to still take precautions, maintain distance, avoid gatherings and cover the face for the status quo.

As Christmas and the new year is near, everyone is excited to meet their loved ones and celebrate after maintaining distance and staying at home. Since the severity of the cases has decreased, people are more prone to arranging small get-togethers. Now we won’t be a buzzkill and recommend you to cancel the party but we care about you and recommend taking all the precautions.

If you want to have a cool party with all the precautions, we have few tips for you based on the two most important items of precaution; a mask and sanitiser. Firstly it would be great if you ask your guest to come wearing a mask at your party, if you think that does not suit for hospitality, you can offer a customized Christmas mask at the doorstep.

The second necessary precaution item is the hand sanitiser. To keep your party people safe and sound we say be smart about where you are placing your sanitisers. But why should you offer sanitiser when probably everyone is carrying them?

Now, the funny thing is everybody today carries hand sanitiser, however they forget to often use it since it is in the backpack. When something comes more in your sight, you remember it better to use.

Where to Place Hand Sanitiser at a Christmas And New Year Party?

Near Entrance:

The first place to put hand sanitisers should be near the entrance and not at the entrance. Setting a sanitiser dispenser at the entrance is weird and the activities clash because you can either welcome people or let them sanitize hands at the spot. Place a sanitiser on a table some feet away from the entrance door and put an arrow sign to hint your guest. With a sanitiser, you can keep the mask beside the table.

Near Food Stall:

We all know that before every meal we should properly wash our hands with soap. Yes, we should but that’s not possible at a party without crowding the bathroom. Most guests will prefer not washing their hands. While try to make boxes or plates of food and cover it with wrapping plastic for each guest, at the food stall a hand sanitiser dispenser is also important. Put a humorous sign indicating the sanitiser before anyone gets their plate. Our witty one is “less germs, more food”

Near Bathrooms/ Rooms:

At a party, there are too many people touching the door handles. On casual days we recommend to wipe your door handles with antibacterial wipes. However, that is not possible as a party host. If you don’t prefer keeping the door open the best you can do is place hand sanitiser near rooms you think will be most used. Make sure to place hand sanitisers at eye level. You can even print a note which says “sanitise hand before touching the handle”

Random Sitting Areas:

Depending on how enormous the party you are arranging, place hand sanitisers at random sitting locations on the table. You can place sanitisers even if your party is in the backyard or the garden.

Fun Tip: play a humorous “sanitize your hands” alert on speaker randomly to remind everyone. Make it funny, sassy and sarcastic.

Drinks Area:

If you are hosting an adult party then you know where the most adults will be; at the bar. The drinking area of the bar is the perfect opportunity to remind people to sanitize their hands. You can even stick reminders on the slab or the glasses.

At all the places mentioned above the quantity of the hand sanitiser bottles depends on the space. Make sure to place hand sanitisers at a good distance to prevent the place from getting crowded. Although, touchless dispensers are at the top of the hygiene game if your budget is less, use hand pump bottles.

What Kind Of Sanitiser Should You Place?

Since the pandemic hyped the use of hand sanitisers, several hand sanitisers are deemed harmful for our health by the experts. These hand sanitisers are made from harsh chemicals and results in dry itchy skin. The good news is goldenbodisanitiser specifically prevents drying, cracking of hands even if you use it every 20 minutes. The special formula helps hydrate your skin and leaves a special odour while killing the harmful germs on your hand, Golden Bodi products are bio tested for maximum protection and satisfaction of the customers through casual and party days.