Bulk Travel Hand Sanitiser 500ml

bulk travel hand sanitiser

Golden Bodi brings you hand sanitisers that you can buy for both home and commercial use. Our range of hand sanitisers is cost-effective that will meet your everyday hygiene requirements. One of our products is a bulk travel hand sanitiser gel. It consists of a multi-pack of ten 50ml travel hand sanitisers. It is perfect for eliminating 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria and germs that are commonly found in every household or public place. Our hand sanitisers are FDA approved and contain a formulation that is all-natural with no side effects. Our travel-size hand sanitisers come in a top-squeeze bottle that is easy to use on the go. Whether you are heading out to your favorite restaurant or just going out for a walk, a quick squeeze of our hand sanitiser will ensure you remain protected from germs and bacteria outside.

It is made up of a quick-drying formula and leaves no sticky residue on your hands. With our hand sanitisers there is no need for either water or soap. It contains 75 percent alcohol so you can rest assured that all the germs and bacteria will be eliminated after you use it. Another advantage of buying our sanitiser in bulk is that you will get more savings and it comes in a bottle that is refillable, what more could you want. It is our duty at Golden Bodi to provide you with the best germ killing experience you can have. So, don’t wait and place your order on our online store now before stocks replenish.