Hand sanitiser 100ml

Hand Sanitiser 100ml

A hand sanitiser provides the perfect solution for having moisturised, clean hands on the go. They kill the majority of the germs that might be present on your hands. All of that without requiring soap or water. You can say that a hand sanitiser is the best line of defense against germs, anywhere you go. hing that is easy to care and kills germs effectively. We at Golden Bodi know of this issue. So, after tons of research, we have a created product for people who want to kill germs on the go. We at Golden Bodi present our pocket size hand sanitiser that is perfect for people to carry around when they are out and about. It easily fits inside your pocket or it can be placed inside your travel bag.

We at Golden Bodi are proud to bring you our hand sanitiser 100ml which kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs and bacteria, while providing you 24 hour protection wherever you may go. It comes in a 50ml squeeze top bottle. You just have to squeeze out a drop or two and gently run it on your hands until it disappears or dries out. Visit our online store to get your hand sanitiser today!